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Terms and Conditions

In submitting an application to the DDC Community Grants you are confirming that you understand the following terms and conditions and that your organisation agrees to fully comply with these.

  • 1. The contact named in the application form is authorised to submit the application on behalf of the organisation/ group who will receive the grant.
  • 2. The information provided in the application is true and correct.
  • 3. Any supporting information required is supplied and is true and correct.
  • 4. Your organisation has an up to date Constitution and a copy will be submitted with the application form.
  • 5. If your organisation produces accounts, a copy of the latest agreed accounts must be submitted with the application form.  If not your organisation must instead supply a copy of your latest bank statement where the account balance and account details are clearly visible.
  • 6. Your organisation has a suitable current bank account that can accept a payment by BACS. This also requires that the account is in the same name as the organisation in the application form and on the Constitution and has at least 2 named signatories that match the names given in the application where required.
  • 7. Your organisation will inform DDC of any changes to this bank account details provided.
  • 8. That any necessary planning permission or delegated authority should be secured before applying for a Grant. (DDC may ask to see evidence of this).
  • 9. If successful, the grant will only be used for the purposes specified in the application.
  • 10. Your organisation/group will complete the DDC monitoring process including the provision of any evidence required to support this.  This may involve one or more monitoring visits from an authorised DDC representative. 
  • 11. Your organisation/group accepts that DDC may use any photographic or video records of the activities funded by your grant to help promote the Community Grants in future, unless you have sought written agreement with DDC not to do this.
  • 12. The information provided in this application can be retained and used by Dover District Council to monitor the project. This includes sharing the information provided with other grant providers to ensure grants are not duplicated.
  • 13. The funding awarded for the project detailed in this application will be spent before the 31 March in the financial year it was given.
  • 14. If your project does continue over a longer period, you will need to show in your application that you have plans to cover future costs.
  • 15. That this grant is a one-off grant payment and does not entitle the applicant to receive further revenue or capital grant support in subsequent years.
  • 16. Your organisation/group has not received and will not receive funding from another source for the costs Dover District Council has been asked to fund in this application.
  • 17. Your organisation/group will give recognition to Dover District Council in any publicity related to the project specified in this application using the logo provided.
  • 18. Grants will be made in accordance with the eligibility criteria for the Dover District Council Grant Scheme and with the Council's Equality and Diversity Policy Statement.
  • 19. You agree to the conditions for the use, retention and write-off periods for all capital items purchased with this grant. If for some reason this is not possible you will inform your DDC Community Development Officer before any disposal takes place.
  • 20. You understand that, if the grant is not used for the purposes specified in this application, permission must be sought from Dover District Council first.
  • 21. If there are any changes to any aspect of your project you must notify your DDC Community Development Officer immediately.
  • 22. Dover District Council reserves the right at any time to recoup part, or all, of the grant amount if it is not spent as specified, or as agreed otherwise with Dover District Council.
  • 23. Your organisation/group will comply with all the above terms and conditions that apply to the Dover District Council Neighbourhood Forums Grant Scheme. 
  • 24. If successful, your group will need to ensure 1-2 representatives will be available to attend the Awards Event to formerly accept the grant offered.  The date and time of the awards event will be displayed on the website.  Full details will be provided when the successful applicants receive their grant confirmations.
  • 25. Upon submitting your application. It is a requirement that you sign up your organisation to the Community Directory



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