Terms and Conditions

Our application criteria are designed to make the application process as fair as possible. Please read and follow the criteria below to ensure that your application has the best chance of success.

1.    Each organisation may only make one application to the Community Grant Scheme round.

2.    Applications will not be accepted by applicants with outstanding monitoring from any of the previous Community Grant Scheme rounds.

3.    Applicants can apply for between £100 - £4000.

4.    If successful, the grant can only be used for the purposes specified in the application.

5.    The applicant/organisation must have an agreed and signed Constitution.

6.    The applicant/organisation must provide a recent Bank Statement.

7.    The bank account details must be up to date and current, and the bank must be able to accept a grant paid using a BACS payment.

8.    The bank account must have at least 2 signatories who are current members of the organisation and the names must match those given where required in the application form.

9.    Applicants must disclose both their restricted and unrestricted reserves. Applicants will also be asked to provide an approximate 1 year’s running costs. If your unrestricted reserves are higher than 1 full years core operational costs, you will not be eligible to apply to the Community Grant Scheme.

10. The project, its activities and volunteers must comply with all relevant legislation.

11. The applicant must have already secured any permissions required for the project to take place.  These must be secured before the application is submitted (for example, any planning permission and/or written consent of landlords or landowners etc.). DDC reserve the right to request evidence of this where necessary.

12. The fund cannot be used to fund projects which have already been completed or any costs you have already incurred (or will incur) before a grant is paid out by DDC.

13. Your organisation/group has not received and will not receive funding from another source for the costs Dover District Council has been asked to fund in the application.

14. The organisation is based (i.e. the address located) within the Dover District. Or the community that the project will benefit is located within the Dover District.

15. Applications must be submitted online, through the Community Grant Scheme Digital Application Form.

16. All the questions in the Application Form are completed clearly and fully, including the submission of any required supporting information.

17. The information provided in this application is true and correct.

18. If, for any reason, your project fails or cannot proceed after we have paid you a grant, you must tell your DDC Community Development Officer immediately.

19. If there are any major changes to your project you must notify your DDC Community Development Officer immediately.

20. Applicants agree to comply with any monitoring requirements and/or visits by an authorised representative of Dover District Council to check project progress and/or upon completion of the project.

21. Your organisation/group accepts that DDC may use any photographic or video records of the activities, unless you have sought written agreement with DDC not to do this.

22. The funding awarded for the project detailed in this application must be spent within 10 months of grant allocation.

23.  Dover District Council reserves the right at any time to recoup part, or all, of the grant amount if it is not spent as specified, or as agreed otherwise with Dover District Council.

24. Grants will be made in accordance with the eligibility criteria for the Dover District Council Grant Scheme and with the Council's Equality and Diversity Policy Statement.

25. Applicants must provide measures to help control and mitigate covid19 outbreaks 

26. Upon submitting your application. It is a requirement that you sign up your organisation to the Dover District Council Community Directory:  https://www.dover.gov.uk/Community/Community-Directory.aspx