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What are the legal and other requirements?

What we will expect of your organisation in terms of meeting the various legal and other requirements.

  • If your project is awarded a grant, you must make sure that you, your organisation and all of your volunteers follow relevant Health and Safety legislation when you/they carry out the work.
  • You must take into account national legislation on equal opportunities, disability, access, safeguarding children and vulnerable adults etc. For example do you have sufficient policies in place regarding these and/or will you need to arrange DBS Checks?
  • If your project involves land or buildings. You must own or have secure tenure of any land or property involved in your project. If you are using someone else's land or buildings you must be able to supply proper written authority from them for you to carry out the project.
  • If your project requires planning permission, you will be entirely responsible for obtaining this. We expect that you obtain this before making your grant application. If planning permission is not in place (or is subsequently refused) and your project cannot then go ahead your application will become ineligible. You must tell your DDC Community Development Officer as soon as possible.

Please Note

  • We are not responsible for ensuring that your project meets these requirements. However, we may request that you provide evidence of any such arrangements in support of your application. If you are not able to supply evidence when asked, or it is deemed insufficient, your application is unlikely to progress to the next stage


If you are unsure about whether your project needs to consider any of the above please us, email: CommunityGrants@dover.gov.uk.


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