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What is an eligible cost?

This page outlines how the DDC Community Grants Scheme views different types of cost. You can use this to help you identify how your project costs should be described in your Application.

different costs
Expenditure TypeDescriptionCan a DDC
Community Grant
be used to cover this cost?
Capital Costs

These are one-off costs that allow you to purchase outright an item of equipment or building materials with a life span of more than 3 years.

Please remember that any costs you claim will still need to be evidenced by a receipt or paid invoice.



Revenue Costs

These must be one-off costs that allow you to buy in activities or services or pay for one-off costs such as room hire. 

Please remember that any costs you claim will still need to be evidenced by a receipt or paid invoice. 


Consumable costs

These may be capital costs but are for items that can be used up and do not offer a long term benefit to the community.

For example, paper, inks, food, drinks, travel/transport costs; theatre tickets. In some cases this may also include trees and/or plants.


On-going capital costs

 These are usually related to the ongoing maintenance of buildings and structures.

It describes things like repairs or improvements to existing structures or interiors that should/could be planned into works of maintenance.

For example, upgrading emergency/exterior lighting on doors and paths and replacement of soft furnishings.


Core Overhead costs

These are usually costs that result from the core overheads of running your group.

For example staff time, staff costs or utility or rent/mortgage for premises.


Please note: Your application must show how any costs claimed will have a beneficial impact for your local community.  If your application does not demonstrate a clear community benefit it is unlikely to be successful.

If you are still unsure about how to describe your project costs in your application form, please contact us, Email: CommunityGrants@dover.gov.uk.


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