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Inspire Project

Our Inspire Project has been set up to provide funding support to help young people that are facing challenges.  The fund helps young people to create new friendships, introduce them to healthy lifestyles through sport, and open new doors into work with opportunities to learn new skills. 

The Inspire Project is a programme fully funded by Dover District Council for a set amount of weeks.

We then pay 50% of the activity cost for another set amount of weeks with the remaining 50% of the activity cost covered by the parent.

The amount of sessions each child will recieve is based on the activity chosen. please see the tier system for more information.

After the Inspire Project has been completed, if the child would like to continue the project the parent would need to pay for the cost of the activity themselves.

What the Project can be used for

The project can be used to pay a wide variety of things including a range of sports and educational activities. The project can also help pay towards equipment for the young person to do their activity.

Who can refer young people?

The following organisations can refer young people:

  • Children's Centres
  • Citizens Advice Bureau
  • Community / Sports Clubs
  • Dover Community Safety Unit
  • Dover District Council
  • Kent County Council
  • Kent Police
  • KCC Social Services
  • Local organisations
  • NHS
  • Schools 


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