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Support for Ukraine

Dover District Council is both shocked and saddened by the ongoing situation facing Ukraine. Our wishes are with the victims of the conflict and their families.

This webpage has been developed to provide information to local communities and businesses, who would like to support as well as hosts and refugees.

Please see our headings below for further information:

For refugees

Useful links

Helping your child understand the conflict

With the news of war and conflict ongoing, it is likely that young people are being exposed to what is happening in Ukraine on social media platforms and hearing about it on the news and in conversations.

We need to ensure that we are supporting our young people by having age-appropriate conversations and have found some toolkits which can assist in having these conversations either as a professional, parent or friend.

Support with English language

If English is not your first language Kent Adult Education are offering free ESOL (English for Speakers or Other Languages) courses. See online here:

English, Maths and ESOL Courses Kent | Kent Adult Education

Or visit the Dover centre: KAE Skills, Market Square, Dover Kent, CT16 1PH.

For hosts

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What to do when your guest has arrived

If you are hosting a Ukrainian refugee and/or family, you need to register online when they arrive. Register via this page on the Kent County Council website.

This will register with KCC that they have arrived and then processes will begin so that the following will be organised and arranged:

  • A welfare check for you and your guests to ensure everything is okay and if you need any further support.
  • Once these checks have been carried out the hosts payment will be set up of £350 a month. A one-off support payment of £200 will also be arranged for the guest once the form has been completed.
  • The guest will need a mobile phone and sim card, once set up they will receive a code that they can then take to a post office to receive their one-off payment.
  • For support in obtaining a phone/sim please visit our Reception Centre at Dover Outreach Centre, 168-172 Snargate Street, Dover, CT17 9BZ

Ways to help and support your guest

The KCC website has lots of information for both hosts and guests but please find their information with supportive links below to support your guests access things that are important to everyday life:

Local Community Support

Useful links

Support with English language in Deal

Free English Lessons for Adults. Come and learn general English and survival English for everyday situations. Improve your grammar & communication skills. Fully qualified & experienced English language teacher. Saturday mornings. Lessons at Deal's Community History Hub, above Deal Train Station. To book please contact Carrie at: Carrieann63@yahoo.com. The History Project website: thehistoryproject.co.uk

The History Project - Deal

Welcome to Deal. Are you hosting a visitor from Ukraine? Have you recently arrived in the UK? Come down to Deal's Community History Hub at Deal Train Station at 11am every Friday for free coffee and cake. Email: thehistoryproject@yahoo.com


Useful links

Beware of scams

You may receive calls/texts/requests from organisations requesting support with the Ukrainian crisis, with some organisations that you may be families with, but please remain vigilant and stay alert to possible fraud and scams.

These may be in the form of post, email, telephone, text, or face to face and are misleading information where they are trying to con you out of money. Or even sharing information can be damaging.

Ask yourself before you share any personal information:

  • How does this make me feel?
  • Why am I sharing this?
  • How do I know if it’s true?
  • Where did it come from?
  • Whose agenda might I be supporting by sharing it?

Report any scams or fraud here: Action Fraud

See here for advice on how to sport fake information: Ukraine and beyond: How to fact check misleading videos - Full Fact

Further information

With the situation in Ukraine and support changing please keep an eye on our main County Council’s and Government websites for further and regularly updated information.

Some useful links below:

Council tax

If you are in receipt of discounted council tax and either are or wish to become a host, please note, that having Ukrainian guests in your home will not impact these reductions. 

If you wish to notify us us of Ukraininan guests staying in your home please do so by calling 01304 821199, but to confirm this won't affect or alter your council tax bill. 


The information was correct at up to date at the time of posting. This page is managed by the Community Services Team, for more information or support please email: community@dover.gov.uk