Allotments are dealt with by the Town Councils.

Allotments in Deal

Deal Town Council is responsible for three allotment sites

  • Golf Road
  • Mill Road
  • Park Avenue



Allotments in Dover

The Dover Town Council have the following sites:

  • Pretoria Allotment Site – Green Lane, Dover – approx 69 plots
  • Northbourne Avenue Allotment Site – Tower Hamlets area in Dover– 6 plots
  • Pilots Meadow Allotment Site – Off Adrian Street, Dover –approx 19 plots
  • Prospect Place Allotment Site – Off Edgar Road, Dover – approx 25 plots
  • Maxton Allotment Site – Will be under development to improve site – Folkestone Road, Dover – approx 25 – 30 plots

All sites have a water supply.

Allotments in Sandwich

Sandwich Town Council has the following sites:

  • St Barts Road
  • Sandown Road

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