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Beauty Of The Beach


Deal Castle was chosen for an investment of around £3.9m in 2017, to help protect and enhance the area.

It was one of the ‘Magnificent Seven’ beaches where Southern Water worked to improve bathing water quality as part of a major Bathing Water Enhancement Programme (BWEP).

The campaign principles are ones we can all adopt to maintain the 'Beauty of the Beach' today and every day.


Beauty and the Beach A5 flyer

Six things you can do to help improve the beauty of the beach

  • If you take your dog to the beach, please pop that poop in a bag and throw it away.
  • Leaving litter can be lethal, not just to wildlife but also to the health of our beaches. Go on, don't deny the bins their sole purpose in life!
  • When birds flock for tasty morsels, they tend to poop (it must be the excitement of free food). The more you feed them the more they come back and the cycle continues.
  • Help keep the sewers in your area flowing. Flushing anything other than pee, poo and paper can cause blockages leading to flooding.
  • We all have a part to play in improving our beautiful coastline. Why not get involved in local beach-cleans and litter picks?
  • Misconnected drains and poorly located and maintained septic tanks can pollute surface water systems. By looking after your home you can improve your beach too!