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Report a problem »

Report issues including abandoned vehicles, graffiti, dirty streets, dog fouling, fly tipping, overflowing/broken bins..

Environmental Crime

Fixed Penalty Notices, Fly tipping, litter and dog fouling

Environmental Protection

Includes Pests, Noise and Air Quality


How you can prepare for flooding and what to do if it happens

Coast & Rivers

Includes coast protection, beach buts, boat plots and Sandwich Quay

Energy Advice

Helping you to save energy and save money on your energy bills

Climate Change

The greenhouse effect has been intensified by human activity


Includes crop burning and spraying, fireworks, E-Coli and Lyme Disease


Environmental information and advice for businesses

Trees and Hedges

Tree conservation and advice on high hedges

Wildlife Careline 

The Wildlife Careline is available for any wildlife that needs rescuing. Call 07801 248850