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Boat plots

Boats on Deal BeachWe have boat plots for hire at various locations along our coastline.


  • Deal Beach (from the Pier to Deal Castle)
  • Walmer Beach (from the paddling pool to Canada Road)
  • Walmer compound
  • Kingsdown Beach
  • St Margarets Bay



Plots are available to boat owners aged 18 or over. There are currently vacancies at all of the sites but this can alter during the summer months.

To find out more about availability of boat plots please call 01304 872395 or email


Sheds can be erected on Walmer boat plots, but you must acquire planning permission first.

Sheds are also rateable and are for the storage of fishing and boat equipment only.

Once you surrender your plot, you must remove all your equipment, including the shed. Anything left behind becomes property of the Council.

You cannot sell or assign your plot or shed.

Boat plot charges

SiteCharge - per annum
Deal / Walmer Beach Plot £320
Deal / Walmer Commercial Plot £151
St. Margaret’s Beach Plot £231
Kingsdown Beach Plot £183
Extra Boat On Plot £78.50


Application forms

Application forms are available in two formats. Both forms can be partially completed on your pc but need printing for your signature.

Please select:

For availability of boat plots please call 01304 872395.


Boat plot conditions of licence »

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