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Oldstairs Bay and Kingsdown Beach

Kingsdown Sea Defences Being Constructed

Kingsdown Sea Defences

The Kingsdown Timber Groyne Replacement Scheme works are planned for completion by the end of March 2016. 

» Kingsdown Sea Defences Newsletter - November 2015


Beach Re-nourishment works at Oldstairs Bay

Urgent beach re-nourishment works were carried out at Oldstairs Bay following destructive storm wave action in January 2008. The works were successfully completed in February 2008 at a cost of approximately £121,000.

Emergency Beach Re-nourishment / Recycling works at Kingsdown Beach

tractor on seafrontEmergency funding was applied for and approved by the Environment Agency to carry out the above works after the severe winter storm period February 2010. The works were carried out in March 2010 and completed in April 2010 with a total project cost of £150,000. The works were carried out on a joint working coastal works contract with Shepway District Council through the East Kent Engineering Partnership (EKEP).


Emergency Re-construction of Kingsdown Promenade

In September 2010 Dover District Council experienced further emergency works which were carried out at Kingsdown Promenade. In total 5 concrete slab areas collapsed due to beach material being drawn out between a gap in the sheet piles at every tidal change. The works consisted of reinstalling sheet piles behind the seawall to ensure no further beach erosion and secondly casting concrete slabs and splash wall to finish. The works were EA funded and the project cost was in the region of £80,000, and completed in June 2011.

kingsdown beachTractor on kingsdown beachBenches on kingsdown seafrontConstruction site at kingsdownConstruction at kingsdown

Ongoing and future Coastal / Flood Engineering Projects For DDC

  • Surface Water Management Plan for the Dover Midtown
  • Property Flood level Protection Scheme to 30 properties identified in Dover through the SWMP in Maison Dieu Road, East Street, And Folkestone Road
  • Beach Management Works to Kingsdown 
  • Timber Beach Groyne Maintenance Works 
  • New secondary seawall defence constructed to Deal seafront jointly working with the Environment Agency.


For further information on past, present or future engineering works carried out by the engineers at Dover District Council please contact Keith Watson

Tel: 01304 872399

email keithwatson@dover.gov.uk.