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Construction Site Noise

Some noise from construction sites is unavoidable but developers must ensure that they employ best practical means to minimise noise levels.

The Environmental Protection Team can control the hours of operation on a construction site, through the Control of Pollution Act 1974. However, the more restrictive permitted hours of operation become the longer a project could take. Permitted hours are normally restricted to:

  • 8am – 6pm Monday – Friday
  • 8am – 1pm Saturdays
  • Sundays and Bank Holidays - No noisy activity.

Noise from loud radios on site is controllable and if considered to be a statutory nuisance then enforcement action could be taken.


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You can also contact us by email at envprotection@dover.gov.uk

If noise is occurring outside of office hours you can report it on 01304 821199. If you are registered with the out of hours noise service, and the noise is occurring within the following times

  • 8pm on a Friday evening until 3am on a Saturday morning
  • 8pm on a Saturday evening until 3am on a Sunday morning.
  • Sundays,  if the following day is a Public Holiday, from 8pm until 3am on Monday morning.

the matter will get passed to the Duty Noise Officer who will contact you with a view to visiting to witness the noise.

You must be registered to use the service. Officers will also deal with noise  issues if 3 independent calls are received regarding the matter.

 If you are not registered and/or call outside of these hours your details will be passed to the Environmental Protection & Crime Team and an officer will contact you during working hours.