Use on private property

Motorbike scrambling often takes place on private property as the bikes do not have to comply with the Road Traffic Act on such land. This should only take place with the owner's consent and not across any public footpaths. 

Information for landowners

If you allow your land to be used for motorbike scrambling and noise complaints are received the Council have a statutory duty to investigate under the Environmental Protection Act 1990. If officers are of the opinion the noise is a statutory nuisance then may result in legal action being taken against landowners who permit the use or where inadequate measures have been taken to prevent access to the bikes. 

If you do allow for your land to be used then you should check this complies with the Town and Country Planning (Generally Permitted) Development Order 1995. This permits an agricultural field to be used for non-competitive motorbike scrambling, for up to 28 days in a calendar year. If land is being used for motorcycle racing, including speed trials, or practising for such events then the use is permitted for only 14 days in a calendar year.

Report a Noise Problem »

You can also contact us by email at

If noise is occurring outside of office hours you can report it on 01304 821199. If you are registered with the out of hours noise service, and the noise is occurring within the following times

8pm on a Friday evening until 3am on a Saturday morning

8pm on a Saturday evening until 3am on a Sunday morning.

Sundays,  if the following day is a Public Holiday, from 8pm until 3am on Monday morning.

the matter will get passed to the Duty Noise Officer who will contact you with a view to visiting to witness the noise.

You must be registered to use the service. Officers will also deal with noise  issues if 3 independent calls are received regarding the matter.

 If you are not registered and/or call outside of these hours your details will be passed to the Environmental Protection & Crime Team and an officer will contact you during working hours.