Pest Control


The service is provided directly by AGS One Pest Control. Payment is required in advance of treatment. The quickest way to arrange treatment is by telephoning AGS One on 01304 759033.

If you have a problem with pests from neighbouring land or property, we can investigate this for you. Please send an email to with information on the problem and your contact details.

The list below has links to different species and will help you in identifying unwelcome visitors and what can or can’t be done to control them. More information and downloads are also available on AGS One Pest Control's website at

It is important to remember that some animals such as birds, bats and badgers are protected. AGS One can advise and give quotes for treatment for species not listed. 

  • Rats: £45.00 per treatment (usually 3 visits)
  • Mice: £45.00 per treatment (usually 3 visits)
  • Fleas and Cockroaches: £75 per treatment (2 visits), minimum charge (up to 6 rooms)
  • Ants: £50 per treatment (2 visits)
  • Bedbugs: £110 per treatment (3 visits), minimum charge (up to 6 rooms)
  • Wasps & Hornets: £45 for first nest + £15 per additional nest Only available where the nest can be treated without specialist access equipment (up to 8m)
  • Out of hours rate for emergency works: £42.50 per visit in addition to the rates above
  • Industrial / Commercial: £50 per hour plus materials

 To book a pest control treatment please call 01304 759033.

Make a Report or Enquiry

If your enquiry relates to pests and/or bugs eminating from a neighbouring property which is affecting your property please report this on our reporting form on the following link: