Funding Options

Grants, Loans, Community Shares and Crowdfunding, are all diffferent types of external funding available to you at various stages of your community led housing project. Some options may be more suitable for your group, depending on how your group is formed, and what the aims of your community-led housing project are.


A grant is money that businesses or individuals receive for specific purposes that do not require repaying. You can apply for grants from charities, local councils, or the national government. There can be strict criteria and competition for grants, so do your research and seek advice before you submit your application. 

National Lottery Awards for All England

Funding is available for projects in the start up phase, funding up to £10,000. 

Lloyds Bank Foundation

Funding is available for the overhead costs of an organisation, funding up to £100,000.



Loans are offered from various organisations, usually a corporation, financial institution, or government. Loans will need to be repaid, most of the loans available to you will have an interest rate atteched. You can find more information about the application requirements and interest by clicking on the heading of each loan. 

CAF Venturesome CLT Fund

The CAF Venturesome CLT Fund is open to applicants from £20,000 to £60,00 at every stage of your project. 

Ecology Building Society

The Ecology Building Society are providing mortgages at up to 80% of the property value involved in your project. 

Home Building Fund

 The Home Building Fund is a flexible source of funding administered by Homes England on behalf of the government. 

Community Shares

Community Shares are a way for the community to invest in projects that will directly benefit them or their community. This method of funding is suitable for groups that have formed as a co-operative society, community benefit society or a charitable benefit society.


Crowdfunding is the opposite to traditional finance, and is an option open to all groups. Instead of asking the bank for one large sum of money, you're asking large numbers of people for small sums of money. It's about getting the community involved, to raise funds and awareness of a community led housing project. 

Angel Investors

Angel investors can be another option to consider for early stage funding. This method of funding will usally require a strong business proposition and robust and confident team behind the project.