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Community-Led Housing

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Community-led Housing is when communities come together to develop the homes which are needed in their local community. This housing can be for rent, low cost homeownership, or for sale, but it is designed to be always affordable for the community that needs it. Anyone can start, volunteer or deliver a community-led housing project. 

Community-led housing groups can play an active role in solving the housing needs of their local area. This model of housing can take many forms and is flexible to suit the requirements of a range of different scenarios and circumstances. Communities can lead a project or work in partnership with the Council or a property developer. 

Dover District council has been awarded funding via the Government's Community Housing Fund to support communities to deliver new homes. We are doing this by providing training, information and support and helping community-led housing groups to access funding.

What is Community-Led Housing?

Local people meeting local housing needs.

Grants Scheme

Dover District Council offers funding of up to £10,000 to support community led housing groups in developing their project.

Training - New Courses Available

Dover District Council offers a range of free training sessions for anyone interested in Community-Led Housing.


Dover District Council provides support for self-builders and operates a register for anyone interested in building their own home

External Funding

A list of selected external funding options available to groups at all stages. This includes repayable and non repayable methods of finance. 

National Organisations

There are many national organisations which provide information, support and resources to assist in your community-led housing journey.

Success Stories

Find out more about other successful community-led housing groups.


Keep Updated

For updates, sign up to the Community-Led Housing topic and the funding newsletter via our Keep Me Posted service. 

If you require further information or want to discuss your ideas, please contact a member of the community housing team via: communityhousing@dover.gov.uk