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Local Connection Assessment

To apply for housing you must be able to demonstrate a local connection. For example you must:

  • have lived six months out of the last 12 months in the district
  • have lived three years out of the last five years in the district 
  • have permanent employment (not casual), for sixteen hours or more per week within the district
  • have close relatives (such as parents, children, brothers or sisters) living in the district and who have lived in the district for at least five years and with whom you have a meaningful and on-going relationship
  • have special circumstances which we consider give rise to a local connection eg grew up in the area but moved away and no longer meet the normal residence conditions, or need to move to the district for urgent social reasons such as to receive/give support or to escape violence

This is not a definitive list and we will be able to exercise discretion under this heading.

We do not use local connection in deciding whether the following qualify for an allocation of housing accommodation:

  • People who are serving in the regular forces or have done so in the five years preceding their application for an allocation of housing accommodation
  • Bereaved spouses or civil partners of those serving in the regular forces where their spouse or partner's death is attributable (wholly or partly) to their service and the bereaved spouse or civil partner's entitlement to reside in Ministry of Defence accommodation then ceases
  • Seriously injured, ill or disabled reservists (or former reservists) whose injury, illness or disability is attributable (wholly or partly) to their service

Local connection will not be applied to existing social tenants seeking to transfer into the area from another local authority district in England who:

  • have reasonable preference because of a need to move to the local authority's district to avoid hardship, and
  • need to move because the tenant works in the district, or
  • need to move to take up an offer of work

Right to Move

The Right to Move scheme was introduced by the government for certain social tenants who need to move to take up a job or live closer to employment.  1% of social housing within Dover district will be allocated under the Right to Move scheme.

  • More information on Right to Move is available in our Housing Allocation Policy.


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