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Contact the Housing Management Team

Our phone lines get busy during peak periods, sometimes our 'on-hold' times can be around 6 minutes so it's always worth trying to find the answer on our website before calling your local office. 

If you do call, please listen carefully to the options available so we can make sure you get put through to the right members of the team.

If you have a housing enquiry that is not a repair or maintenance issue, you can email the Housing team at Housing@Dover.gov.uk.

For media enquiries only please email us at pr@dover.gov.uk

Are you calling us?

Please listen carefully when you call us as we have changed the phone options for you to choose from to get through to our services.

Our phone number is 01304 821199 - option 3 for the Housing Management Service

Listen carefully and choose either:

  • For rent or payment enquiries press 1
  • For all repairs, maintenance and planned work press 2
  • For housing or garage enquiries press 3

Option 1 is for rent or payment enquiries and you need to choose between:

  1. For a Housing Benefit query press 1
  2. To make a rent payment press 2
  3. To discuss your garage or rent account press 3  

Option 2 is for repairs and maintenance - The options are:

  • To report a household repair, communal repair, repairs to UPVC windows and doors or any outstanding repairs to Mears press 1
  • To report a gas, hot water or central heating repair to Gas Call press 2
  • To book a maintenance inspection, repairs to door entry systems, aerials or disabled adaptations press 3
  • For all other Repairs, Maintenance and Planned maintenance enquiries press 4

Option 3 is for housing - you need to select what service you need:

  • For rubbish or fly tipping enquiries - press 1 to go through to the councils waste team
  • To find a new home, talk about your housing application or mutual exchange enquiries press 2  (including Housing waiting lists)
  • For Leasehold or Right to Buy enquiries press 3 
  • For a garage enquiry press 4 
  • For all other housing enquiries press 5 (if you have a question about your tenancy or need to speak to a Housing Officer)


If you have a housing enquiry, please complete our Council Tenant Enquiry Form:


Alternatively, you can email the Housing team at Housing@Dover.gov.uk

For media enquiries only please email pr@dover.gov.uk