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Estate Walkabout Dates

May to October 2023

All Walkabouts start at 10am, unless otherwise stated.

There is no end time as walkabouts vary due to the different sizes of estates and amounts of blocks.

You can attend for any length of time and all input is valued.

All stakeholders are welcome to attend, including Tenants, Leaseholders, Councillors and members of the community.

Tenants are encouraged to attend their local walkabouts.

Walkabout dates may change due to staff sickness or other factors, please check this page prior to the date. If you would like to be notified of changes, please email tenantinvolvement@dover.gov.uk.

Estate Walkabout Dates
Area Name Streets and Roads in Area Meeting Spot Housing Officer Date Blocks in Area
Eastry Mill Green, Mill Lane, Gore Lane, Cooks Lea, Albion Road, Orchard Road, Gore Close, The Knoll Gore Close car park (to the rear of no. 1 Gore Close) Denise Knight 09/05/2023 Albion Road, Mill Lane, 
Middle Deal 1 Church Lane , St Martins Road, St Nicholas Close, William Pitt Avenue, Dola Avenue Junction at St Nicholas Close/St Martins Road Faye Martinez 10/05/2023
St Martins Rd
St. Nicholas Close
Woodnesborough Foxborough Close, St Mary's Close, Beacon Lane, Park Terrace Foxborough car park Theresa Spelzini 11/05/2023 Foxborough Close
 Aylesham 2 Milner Crescent, Boulevard Courrieres and Vale View Road, Attlee Avenue
Cripps Close
Dorman Avenue North
Woodland Avenue
Eastry Court Flora Evans 16/05/2023 Attlee Avenue
Cripps Close
Dorman Avenue North
Woodland Avenue
Northbourne & Hacklinge Burgess Green, Coulson Grove, Mill Lane Coulson Grove Denise Knight 23/05/2023 St. Martins Road
Sandwich 1 Hazelwood Meadow, Burch Avenue, Laburnum Avenue, Sandwood Road, St. Barts Road, Creighton Flats, Polders Green, Wellesley Terrace and Woodnesborough Road Hazelwood Meadow Theresa Spelzini 25/05/2023
Creighton Flats
Hazelwood Meadow
Honfleur Road
Jubilee Road
Lower Buckland 4 Hobart Crescent, Napier Road In front of no. 2 Napier Road Andy Friend 30/05/2023 Napier Road, Hobart Crescent
Aylesham 1 Queens Road, Kings Road and Cornwallis Avenue At the gazebo in the middle of the square opposite the coop in Aylesham Flora Evans 01/06/2023 Cornwallis Avenue
South African Estate and Melbourne Avenue Auckland, Durban, Kimberley Close, Kimberly Walk, Johannasberg, Natal Road, Melbourne Avenue Corner of Durban and Melbourne Avenue Denise Knight 06/06/2023 Melbourne Avenue
North End The Fairway, Cannon Street, Buckthorne Close, Canute Road, Ethelbert Road, Saxons Close, Godwyn Road, College Road and Harold Road The Fairway car park Faye Martinez 07/06/2023
College Road
Dane House
Harold Road
Saxons Close
Friars Way Friars Way, Weavers Way, Squires Way and Monks Way In the car park in front on 19 - 39 Friars Way Theresa Spelzini 08/06/2023 Friars Way
Squires Way
Weavers Way
Tower Hamlets Tower Hamlets Road, Tower Street, Douglas Road,  Hamilton Road, Astor Avenue, Noahs Ark Avenue, Anselm Road, Northbourne Avenue, Chamberlain Road, Goschen Road, Lowther Road, Wyndham Road, Dickson Road, Templar Road, Curzon Road At the gazebo in Northbourne Park Andy Friend 13/06/2023 Anselm Road
Curzon Road
Dickson Road
Douglas Road
Goschen Road
Lowther Road
Noahs Ark Road
Kingsdown Kings Close, Maytree Cottages, Sunnyside, Hillside Kings Close Faye Martinez 14/06/2023  
Shatterling, Tilmanstone, Eythorne Thanet View, The Crescent, Foremans Close The Crescent Flora Evans 15/06/2023 Sunnybank
Thanet View
The Crescent
Valley View
Trinity Place Trinity Place, Pilots Avenue, Arthur Road and Leivers Road At the gazebo near to 94 - 120 Trinity Place Faye Martinez
Simon Drew
19/06/2023 Arthur Road
Leivers Road
Trinity Place
Worth, Coldred, Shepherdswell, Goodnestone, Nonnington The flats, Jubilee Road, Siberts Close, St Marys Close The Flats, Jubilee Road, Worth Theresa Spelzini 22/06/2023 Jubilee Road
The Flats
Capel Caulham Close, Capel Street, Dover Road, George Close, Victoria Road Cauldham Close Andy Friend 27/06/2023 Cauldham Close
Pencester Court, Stembrook Court and Cannon Street Pencester Court, Stembrook Court and Cannon Street At the gazebo in front of Pencester Court Flora Evans 29/06/2023 Cannon Street
Pencester Court
Stembrook Court
St. Radigunds Road Beaufoy Road, Beaufoy Terrace, Bunkers Hill Road, St Radigunds Road, Coombe Valley Road, Whinless Road, Edgar Road, Lambton Road, Barwick Road, Primrose Road. At the gazebo next to the teen shelter in Barwick Road Andy Friend
Pat Turley
04/07/2023 Barwick Road
Beaufoy Road
Beaufoy Terrace
MacDonald Road
Upper Deal 1 Clarkes Close, Brenchley Avenue, Wilson Avenue and Little Avenue Clarkes Close Faye Martinez 06/07/2023 Clarkes Close
Sandwich 2 Jubilee Road, Honfleur Road, Brightlingsea Road,  At the gazebo on the green in Laburnum Avenue Theresa Spelzini 06/07/2023  
Lower Buckland 1 Cleveland Close, Florida Close, Boston Close, Washington Close, Winant Way, Maine Close, Colorado Close and Roosevelt Road At the gazebo on the green along Roosevelt Road Denise Knight
Pat Turley
11/07/2023 Florida Close
Maine Close
Winant Way
Canadian Estate Alberta Close, Hudson Close, Montreal, Selkirk Road, Ottawa Way, Toronto Close, Green Lane, Winnipeg Close, Ottawa Crescent Selkirk Road Andy Friend 12/07/2023 Calgary Terrace
Cedar Terrace
Edmonton House
Huron Terrace
Manitoba House
Montcalm Terrace
Niagara House
Quebec Terrace
Simcoe Terrace
St. Lawrence Terrace
Wolfe Terrace
Lower Buckland 2 Sheridan Road, The Linces, Marlowe Road, Dryden Road, Chaucer Crescent, Byron Crescent, Milton Close, Milton Road, Roosevelt Road and Wycherley Crescent Sheridan Road Shops Theresa Spelzini 13/07/2023 Sheridan Road
Wycherley Crescent
Lower Buckland 3 Armourers Walk, Pardoners Way, Shipmans Walk, Pilgrims Way, Knights Way, Brookfield Road and Mangers Place, , Mayfield Avenue, Maison Dieu Road and Prioress Road Corner of Knights Way, Shipmans Way Denise Knight 18/07/2023 Dodds Lane
Mangers Place
Green Lane Fulbert Road, Colton Crescent, Rokesley Road, Peverell Road and Hirst Close At the gazebo on the green near to the play park/Hirst Close end Denise Knight 24/07/2023 Colton Crescent
Fulbert Road
Hirst Close
Peverell Road
Rokesley Road
Middle Deal 2 Tudor House, Windsor House, Stuart House, Cornwall House, Edinburgh House, Orchard Avenue, Birdwood Avenue, Delane  Road, Diana Gardens, Mounts Close,  Grantham Avenue, Travers Road, Outside Stuart House Faye Martinez 25/07/2023 Tudor House
Stuart House
Windsor House
Military Hill Lancaster House, York House, Cornwall House At the gazebo in the car park to the rear of York House Flora Evans 31/07/2023 York House
Adiran Street
Cornwall House
Edinburgh House
Lancaster House
The Gateway
Stockdale Stockdale Gardens, Hamilton Road, Allenby Avenue and Mill Road At the gazebo on the green beside no. 55 Stockdale Gardens Faye Martinez 08/08/2023  
Elvington  Sunnybank, St Johns Road, Milner Close, Milner Road, Ash Grove At the gazebo on the green in opposite 5 Cherry Grove Flora Evans 10/08/2023  
Shooters Hill Shooters Hill, George Street, Erith Street, Herbert Street At the gazebo in the car park beside block 15 - 20 Erith Street Geoff Robinson 05/09/2023 Erith Street
George Street
Herbert Street
Shooters Hill
Dour Street and Park Street, Crafford Street,
Goodfellow Way
Hewitt Road, Park Street
Dour Street and Park Street, Crafford Street,
Goodfellow Way
Hewitt Road, Park Street
Flats in Dour Street Flora Evans 06/09/2023 Crafford Street
Dour Street
Goodfellow Way
Hewitt Road
Ladywell House
Park Street
Ash Chilton Field, Chilton Square, Chilton Place, Molland Close, Molland Lea, St James Close Molland Lea/close Junction Theresa Spelzini 07/09/2023 Holness Road
Molland Lea
Upper Deal 2 Elizabeth Carter Avenue, Gregorys Close and Rectory Road Corner of Elizabeth Carter and Rectory Road Faye Martinez 11/09/2023  
Temple Ewell and Alkham Valley Target Firs, Templeside, Church Hill, Templar Road 1 Target Firs Geoff Robinson 12/09/2023 Target Firs
Freemens Way Freemens Way, Charles House, Chapman House, Pittock House, Solomon House and Edgar House At the gazebo on the green in front of Charles House in Telegraph Road Faye Martinez
Simon Drew
13/09/2023 Chapman House
Charles House
Edgar House
Freemens Way
Solomon HousePittock House
Godwyne Close Bomford Place, Godwyne Close, Harold Street and Leyburne Road Leyburne Road car park Flora Evans 14/09/2023 Godwyne Close
Harold Street
Leyburne Road
William Muge House
West Hougham / Church Hougham Queens Lea, The Street Parsonage Villas Andy Friend 19/09/2023  
Ringwould Queens Rise, Church Haven Queens Rise Flats Faye Martinez 21/09/2023 Queens Rise
Upper Deal 3 St Richards Road, St Edmunds Road, Magness Road, Marlborough Road, Hillcrest Gardens Outside 1 Magness Road Faye Martinez 26/09/2023 Magness Road
Marlborough Road
Whitfield Guilford Avenue, The Acre, Napchester Court The Acre Andy Friend 28/09/2023 Manley House
St. Margarets Hight Street, Reach Meadow, Reach Close, Churchill Close, Kingsdown Road Reach Close Flats Faye Martinez 03/10/2023 Reach Close
Walmer Churchill Avenue, Dorset Gardens, Curzon Close, Wellesley Avenue, Palmestone Avenue and Owen Square, St Cecilia House Meet at the car park outside no. 60 in Owen Square Faye Martinez 05/10/2023 Owen Square
Wellesley Avenue
St. Cecilia House
Staple, Stourmouth, Preston and Wingham The Downs, Bishop Jenner Court, Orhard Close, Court Cottages, North Court Close, South Court Close, Ashen Tree Cottages The Bungalows, Lower Road, Staple Flora Evans 10/10/2023 Court Flats
Orchard Close
Guston, East Langdon & Martin Chance Meadow, Prescott Close, The Street, The Holt, Westside Prescott Close Geoff Robinson 11/10/2023 Chance Meadow
Folkestone Road and Maxton Westbury Crescent, Westury Road, Mount Road, St Monicas St Monicas car park Geoff Robinson 17/10/2023 St Monicas


Please note: There may be some blocks or roads that are not included in this list, all blocks and roads are inspected regularly for Health and Safety reasons. These inspections are community events designed to build our relationships with Tenants, Communities, Councillors and Contractors, providing real examples of how our estates look and how they can be improved. If you have an area or block you would like to be included, please contact tenantinvolvement@dover.gov.uk.

 Haven’t found what you’re looking for? Please contact us on tenantinvolvement@dover.gov.uk if you think we have missed information or tell us how we can improve this page.