Focus Groups

What are Focus Groups?

Focus groups are a small group of tenants bought together for a short number of meetings with housing staff to achieve a set outcome or goal.

What's in it for you?

  • Help make a difference and improve the housing service.
  • Get to know your Landlord better.
  • Easy commitment - you only need to commit to a short number of sessions.
  • Add it to your CV - use and prove your skills in listening, finding problems and coming up with solutions.

Previous Focus Groups

Resident Engagement Strategy Focus Group - Helping us write our engagement strategy with residents at the heart.

  • We met with tenants at in February - March 2022.
  • Tenants were instrumental in helping us shape our strategy by considering best practice, looking at barriers to involvement and how DDC can run the service better.
  • All actions were agreed with tenants, with the strategy now going to Cabinet for approval.

Upcoming Opportunities

We're currently looking for Tenants and Leaseholders to join us in the following projects:

  • Communications Focus Group - Help us improve how we can communicate with Tenants and Leaseholders.
    • Starting in 2022 (date to be confirmed)

To find out more information and join, please contact Beth Becks at