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Neighbourhood Inspections

Join the housing team on your local Neighbourhood Inspection. The Inspections are an opportunity for residents to share any concerns and help us identify problems in your area.

Become a Neighbourhood Inspector

We're always looking for residents from across the Dover District to join our team of Neighbourhood Inspectors. Neighbourhood Inspectors are trained to monitor and rate the services provided on your estates, such as cleaning, grounds maintenance and communal repairs. If you would like any more information about becoming a neighbourhood inspector please contact us on tenantinvolvement@dover.gov.uk.

Join us on an estate inspection 2021

Now that some of the Covid restrictions have started to be relaxed we are going to resume our programme of estate inspection. These are a good opportunity to join our housing officers and have a good look around the area to identify any work that needs to be done. We invite representatives from the Community Safety Team, waste services and grounds maintenance team and pick up outstanding issues but also identify future improvements for the area. If you email us at housing@dover.gov.uk to let us know you will be joining the inspection we can advise you of any late cancellation of the event.


Inspection Timetable


Meeting location



Ringwould Queens Rise, Church Haven

Queens Rise Flats

10.00 am


Green Lane Fulbert Road, Colton Crescent, Rokesley Road, Peverell Road and Hirst Close

Rokesley Road

10.00 am



Community Centre

10.00 am


Godwyne Close, Harold Street and Leyburne Road

Leyburne Road car park

10.00 am


Military Hill Lancaster House, York House, Cornwall House

York House

10.00 am


Shooters Hill

Shooters Hill Flats

10.00 am


Stockdale Gardens, Hamilton Road, Allenby Avenue and Mill Road

Outside 1 Stockdale Gardens

10.00 am


Canadian Estate

Selkirk Road

10.00 am


Pencester Court, Stembrook Court and Cannon Street

Pencester Court car park

10.00 am


Sheridan Road, The Linces, Marlowe Road, Dryden Road, Chaucer Crescent, Byron Crescent, Milton Close, Milton Road, Roosevelt Road and Wycherley Crescent

Sheridan Road Shops

10.00 am


Freemens Way, Charles House, Chapman House, Pittock House, Solomon House and Edgar House

Corner of  Telegraph Road and Freemans Way

10.00 am


Gloster Rope Walk, Gloster Way, Kings Ropewalk, Townsend Terrace, Old Folkestone Road, St. Davids Avenue, St. Giles Close, St. Giles Road, St. Georges Crescent, St. Patricks Road and St. Richards Close

Bottom of Sunny Corner

10.00 am


Friars Way, Weavers Way, Squires Way and Monks Way

Outside the flats in Friars Way

10.00 am


Middle Deal Church Lane, Sholden, Birdwood Avenue, Travers Road, Dianna Gardens and Orchard Avenue

Corner of Birdwood and Orchard Avenue

10.00 am


If you join us we want to keep you and our staff safe so we will have some basic rules in place which we would like you to follow. These are:

  • It is up to individual group members to decide whether or not they will wear face coverings unless Government advice is that this should still be done
  • Please maintain social distance of 2 meters from each other even though the inspection will be out in the open air
  • Nobody from the inspection other than housing services staff will go inside blocks of flats to inspect them during the estate inspection
  • Staff will not enter homes of customers while on the inspection tour but will instead make a separate appointment and revisit having taken necessary steps to ensure that the household are not suffering symptoms of Covid
  • At all times Government guidance on infection control measures will be followed
  • Where it cannot be avoided inspections may need to be cancelled at short notice to comply with Government advice.
  • Those attending estate inspections are encouraged to bring their own hand  sanitizer with them as this will not be supplied by the housing team.

We look forward to meeting you !