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Personal Alarms and Independence

There are lots of additional services you can receive to help you keep your independence in your home for longer. Additional services are suitable if you're in sheltered housing accommodation or general needs housing.

If your home has become unsuitable for your needs, you can move home via mutual exchange or applying on the housing waiting list.

More information about disabled adaptations to your home, such as wet rooms, grab/handrails, ramps etc.

Personal Alarms

Pendent/Personal alarms are ideal for vulnerable people who want to retain their independence in their home. The alarm is a small wearable device that connects to a phone line. If you fall or become unwell and are unable to use a phone you can simply press the button on the alarm and you can speak to an operator who can arrange help for you. The operator is available 24/7 and can literally save your life in an emergency.

You can also arrange for reassurance calls whereby the operator will call you at the same time regularly to ensure you're okay.

While the vast majority of Personal Alarm users are older, these devices are used by people of all age groups in various situations, including:

  • People living alone
  • Less mobile people and those living with a disability
  • People who are prone to falling over
  • Anyone with unpredictable health problems

The service is normally run through your landline, although there is an option called a GSM unit which runs via a mobile sim card. It usually involves a set up cost and a monthly fee but is a low cost for the peace of mind it provides.

We do not recommend one service, but we do recommend that you shop around to find a service that best suits you.

Here are some examples:

Key Safe

A key safe is a secure and simple way to provide reliable access to your home anytime day or night.

A key safe is a small box secured onto the wall outside your home. The box contains the keys to your property protected by a code. It provides immediate access to carers, emergency service or even yourself if you have locked yourself out.

If you have a personal alarm, the company will securely store the code so in an emergency the operator can ensure emergency services can get to you without the need of breaking any doors or windows.

Key Safe’s can be purchased for as little as under £20 from any DIY shop and online. Fitting can be easily completed by local handymen or locksmith. As always, we recommend shopping around to find the best option for you.