Pests and vermin

Generally, dealing with rodents in council homes is a shared responsibility between the tenant and the landlord.  Our responsibility is to make sure council homes and communal areas are well maintained and do not have any obvious ways for rodents to enter a building.  The tenant’s responsibility is to arrange for any pest control services that may be required and to make sure that there is nothing in their garden or home that may attract pests.

Whilst there is no requirement for local authorities to provide a pest control service, Dover District Council has arranged for Monitor Pest Control to offer people in the Dover district area treatment at discounted rates. More information, rates and the form link to contact Monitor Pest Control are available on the dedicated page. There is also a list of different species to help you in identifying unwelcome visitors and what can or can’t be done to control them. 

If you have problem with pests from neighbouring land or property our Environmental Protection team can look into this for you. Please send an email to with information on the problem and your contact details.

Birds such as seagulls or pigeons are not dealt with by your local council - see 'dealing with birds'.