Waste Water Goods

Clearing a blocked wastepipe or toilet

If your sink or toilet does not drain away or drains away slowly then it could be blocked with debris or fats. If more than one fitting in the household is blocked the problem could be in the soilstack or main drainage and will require clearing using rods.

wastepipe under sink 

To unblock the wastepipe of the bath, basin or sink first of all try hot water or a proprietary cleaner. If this fails bale out most of the water, hold a rag over the overflow opening and place a plunger over the plughole and work forcefully up and down until the blockage clears. After clearing the blockage clean out the trap by unscrewing the joints and removing it from under the unit. You should place a bowl under the unit before removing the trap. Once removed clean out the trap and replace it making sure that the joints are screwed up tightly and all seals are in place.

To unblock a toilet remove some of the water into a bucket using a jug or bowl. Push a brush or plunger to the bottom of the pan and pump it up and down forcefully. Pour some of the water from the bucket into the toilet to see if the blockage has cleared. Repeat this process until the blockage has cleared.

If none of the above processes work then a plumber should be contacted.


Clearing drains and gutters

Should a drain become blocked the drain will overflow and spill out, and there may be an unpleasant smell.

Gutters should be cleared each year to stop blockage and overflow, which can cause staining, and dampness on external walls.

blocked gutters 

Open drains should be cleared of any debris such as leaves and soil.

Gutters should be cleared of all plant growth and debris such as moss and grit.



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