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Advice and Information for Tenants

Do you rent or are you thinking of renting a property from a private landlord?

Before renting a property, you need to know what you can afford and have an understanding of the tenancy agreement which sets out the main terms of the tenancy, including the duration of the tenancy, the amount of rent and how often the rent can be increased.

Booklet: Do you rent or are you thinking of renting from a private landlord


Other useful information for tenants

  • Renting from a Social Landlord
    Social Rented housing is provided by Dover District Council and Housing Associations. It is allocated on the basis of need and the rent levels are usually lower than rents in the Private Rented sector. Due to the shortage of Social Rented Housing, you may have to wait to get a home.
  • What to do if you are homeless or about to be made homeless
    If you are being threatened with being made homeless or if you are homeless you need to contact the Housing Needs team immediately.
    - Do not leave it until the last minute to act.
    - Do not give up your home until you are legally obliged to do so (usually by court order) as this may damage any application for help that you make to this or any other council.
    For advice or to make a homeless application, you will need to come to the Gateway. You do not need an appointment for your first visit.
  • Repossession by your landlord's mortgage lender
    Advice for Tenants facing eviction because their landlord has mortgage arrears. 


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