Deal Leisure Centre

Proposed new leisure centre for Deal

Project update 

Councillors considered a report on 6 November 2023 which updated them on the project's findings and to agree the next steps. Please see the Cabinet report (pages 15 to 40) for more detail.

Cabinet members agreed to the following recommendations:

1) To note the findings from the RIBA Stage 2 detailed feasibility summary report and the challenges posed to the viability of the project by the wider economic climate.

2) To ask officers to explore whether there are any alternative solutions or sources of external funding that might provide a possible phased way forward for the project.

3) To approve the additional spend of up to £20,000 from the existing Tides Replacement capital project to support this work.

Next steps

It is proposed to review the following options, and then intended to report back to Cabinet by the 1st of July 2024, to see whether any of these options provide a basis from which the project can potentially move forward. The next steps are:

A) Pool only option (with retained Sports Hall and Tennis Centre)

Consider whether it is feasible to simplify the new build option to include a pool alone without the gym or other ancillary facilities.

B) Improvements to potentially extend the life of the pool

Review the costs of extending the life of the current pool and the business case to do so.

C) Review of alternative funding models with external partners

Explore whether other funding sources from the private sector exist to enable the scheme to be delivered.


We are currently working on more detailed proposals for a new leisure centre in Deal, following public engagement and consultation in August and September 2022. The project team is completing the more detailed work on technical and financial viability, and developing and refining concept designs for the new leisure centre. This is known as RIBA (Royal Institute of British Architects) Stage 2. It's important to note that all proposals are subject to financial viability assessment and plans could change as a result of this.

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Public Consultation

Dover District Council hosted a series of events in Deal to share early design concept proposals and invite further feedback on the proposed plans for a new leisure centre in Deal. 

The consultation boards were exhibited at Tides Leisure Centre throughout the consultation period and residents and key stakeholders were invited to complete a short survey.  

The consultation for this phase of the project has now closed (20 September - 9 October).


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