DDC Updates Town & Parish Councils On Local Plan Preparation


Representatives from Town and Parish Councils throughout the Dover district were briefed on potential growth options for the district at a town and parish forum on 25 July.  Delivering growth for new housing and employment space is one of the key foundations of the new Local Plan that will guide development in the district up until 2040.

Like all local authorities Dover District Council has to meet Government targets for new homes, whilst at the same time balancing the needs of local communities for new infrastructure and facilities. 

The development of a Growth Strategy needs to take account of the need to build 629 new dwellings per year in the district.  The forum considered a wide range of options for growth, such as building in existing urban areas, the potential for new settlements, proposing a higher level of housing growth, or meeting any unmet need for housing outside of the district by working in co-operation with neighbouring local authorities.   

Cllr Nick Kenton, cabinet member for planning at Dover District Council, said:  “We were delighted to see so many of the towns and parishes represented at the meeting, and engaging with the process.

“It’s important that future development in the district is sustainable, and takes account of local people’s views.”

The draft Local Plan will go out to full public consultation early in 2020, and that draft along with any changes to it, will be subject to an independent evaluation by a Planning Inspector before being formally adopted by the Council. 

Posted on 29 July 2019

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