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Listed Building Consent

What is Listed Building Consent?

Listed Building Consent is a free of charge application made to the Council, that is necessary for any works (both external and internal) which would affect the special historic or architectural character or appearance of a listed building.  

It is sometimes assumed that repairs do not require Listed Building Consent, however this is not always the case, and you are advised to contact us for confirmation.

It is a criminal offence to carry out works to a listed building without first obtaining consent when it is required, even if you did not know it was listed. Unauthorised works can lead to prosecution of the owner and the person carrying out the works. It is therefore important that you ensure that you seek relevant advice on the need for consent prior to carrying out any works.

Applying for Listed Building Consent

For advice on the type of documents and information required for a Listed Building Consent application, please see our validation requirements document.

An application for Listed Building Consent will require a Heritage Statement, and we have prepared an advice note on the information that this needs to include.  For larger schemes of works to a listed building or where the building is particularly important, a Statement of Significance may be required.  See our guidance on Statements of Significance for details.

You may wish to seek advice before applying for Listed Building Consent.  We provide a pre-application advice service in respect of any works requiring Listed Building Consent.  This is a chargeable advice service and includes a visit to your property by a Heritage Officer and a written response. 

What if I need to carry out emergency work to a listed building?

You should contact us immediately if damage has occurred or emergency works are required. We will then decide if Listed Building Consent is needed or go through the options available to you.

Planning permission and listed buildings

Listed buildings do not have the same permitted development rights as unlisted buildings. This means that planning permission may be required for certain works which would otherwise be classed as permitted development.

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