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Evidence Base: Infrastructure

Evidence on infrastructure includes the following studies, plans and strategies:

  • Infrastructure Summit Report (Quest Associates)  Jan 2007
    Summary of an event held to bring together stakeholders responsible for a range of infrastructure provision across the district.
  • Renewable Energy and Sustainable Construction Study (AECOM)  Jan 2009
    The main objective of this study is to clarify and justify the Core Strategy's policy regarding sustainable design and construction.
  • Dover District Water Cycle Study (Entec) Jan 2009
    The report identifies if there are any water related issues that present significant obstacles to the success of development in the Dover district.
  • Site Assessment Report for Potential New Cemetery Development (Cemetery Development Services) Sept 2010
    Review of existing burial provision within Dover district and analysis of proposed development sites.
  • Kent Water for Sustainable Growth Study (AECOM) Oct 2017

    (KCC) therefore commissioned this Water for Sustainable Growth Study (WfSG) study to assess the impact of growth in the study area on the water environment, and to identify sustainable measures required to manage water environment impacts to 2031 and beyond.



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