Infrastructure Delivery

To support the delivery of sustainable communities, we will ensure that suitable provision is made for new or improved infrastructure, required to meet the levels of growth identified in the Development Plan.


Developers will be required to contribute to the reasonable costs of:

  • Enhancing existing infrastructure or
  • Providing new physical, social and green infrastructure

Required as a result of their proposals, through either:

  • Financial contributions (by means of planning obligations)
  • Direct provision of such infrastructure on-site within the development

To secure this we will use:

  • Section 106 agreements
  • Unilateral undertakings
  • Planning conditions


Supporting infrastructure should be provided in advance of, or alongside, the development, unless there is sufficient existing capacity. The appropriate phasing for the provision of infrastructure will however be determined on a case by case basis.

We do not operate a Community Infrastructure Levy (CIL) in Dover and there are no plans to adopt one.


Infrastructure Delivery Plan 

The purpose of the Infrastructure Deliery Plan (IDP) is to assess what current infrastructure there is in Dover District, what is being planned with committed investment and what will be needed in the future to meet the overall growth strategy set out in within the draft Submission Dover District Local Plan to 2040


Infrastructure Funding Statement 

Amendments to the Community Infrastructure Levy (CIL) regulations came into force on 01/09/2019, requiring local authorities to publish an Infrastructure Funding Statement (IFS) on their website by the end of each year. Dover District Council's Infrastructure Funding Statement will report on S106 developer contributions this statement will contain;

  • Summary of all financial & non-financial developer contributions agreed in the monitoring year
  • Amount of developer contributions held by the authority at the start of the monitoring year
  • Details of developer contributions received and spent during the monitoring year
  • Details of infrastructure the authority is intending to either wholly or part fund through S106 receipts

  • Report on estimated future S106 income from developer contributions


Current Infrastructure Funding Statement 

The Infrastructure Funding Statement is supported by a number of additional files provided in the Government's preferred format, these are called CSV files, which can be access below. The IFS statement sets this information out within the report in tables in a more accessible format.

 Infrastructure Funding Statement 2022 - 2023