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Community Clean Ups

We can provide equipment for your own community clean-up

We are committed to keeping Dover district clean, so if you spot a problem with cleanliness please report it to us first.  

Community clean-ups make a special contribution to the environment but do not replace our daily cleaning schedules.

  • Litter picking can only take place on roads up to 30mph and public footpaths/areas (not private land) where it is safe to do so
  • If you would like to get involved with a pre-arranged Great British Spring Clean litter pick in your area, please click here

We lend out, free of charge, community clean up kits which contain:

  • litter pickers
  • protective gloves
  • hi-viz tabards
  • large grey bags
  • Graffiti wipes

The kits can be collected from our offices at Whitfield and returned the day after the event.

  • We are unable to supply equipment and collect from events such as fetes as this is commercial waste
  • If you separate cans and plastics for recycling, we will pick it up and recycle it for you
  • We can only collect litter that has been bagged up and are unable to collect any large items of dumped rubbish
  • We will arrange a collection point and clearance at a suitable time to suit your event
  • You must carry out your own risk assessment for the safety of the event. We will ask for the Risk Assessment when you collect the equipment.
  • See below a bad and good example



*The guidance above is subject to change from Government guidelines*’

 Litter pick examples: unorganised pile or rubbish and an organised pile

Visit here for the latest guidance from Keep Britain Tidy about the coronavirus and litter picking during this period

Join an existing litter pick

If you would like to join an existing litter pick please visit here to see what litter picks have been arranged in your area. 

Apply for a clean up kit

When you apply we will ask for the following:

The location

Dover Harbour Beach & Shakespeare Beach are owned by Dover Harbour Board, to clean these beaches please contact estates@doverport.co.uk

  • If your event is taking place off the highway for example in a park, woodland or on a beach please provide full details of the location but you do not need to complete a map. 
  • Otherwise please supply a map of the area that you wish to litter pick. Here's an example map.
  • Using the map please indicate all areas that you intend to litter pick on. We would like you to mark the roads using the following system:
    • Red road 40mph+ or alternatively a low speed road but with a specific hazard that may cause drivers difficulty in controlling their vehicles if they come across workers in the highway (for example visibility, sharp bends).
    • Amber road Low speed road with specific hazards where the road workers have additional risks to consider to ensure safe working practice (for example visibility, banks, hedges)
    • Green road Low speed road with good visibility and no additional risk level to consider. 
    • Please mark the outlying edges of your litter pick, or simply circle the area that you intend to litter pick in.

A completed risk assessment

Kent County Council have produced a risk assessment proforma to ensure not only compliance to the appropriate legislation and best practice, but fundamentally, volunteer safety.

Safety of people working on roads, including volunteers is paramount. KCC will not endorse, support or insure volunteer activities taking place on roads of 40 mph or above. This is the standard that KCC has set, although under no legal obligation to do so.

KCC's standard does not prevent residents wishing to litter pick (or other associated activities) in these areas, but they must be aware that their actions are undertaken at their own risk. At no time do we condone this. As hosts of the Kent Sensible Risk Management Campaign (led by the Health and Safety Executive), we are satisfied that the risk assessment and requirements of volunteers is appropriate and proportionate.


Apply for your clean-up kit »