House Name Change

Properties with an existing number

When a property has a number, a name does not form part of the official, registered address.  The number is the main identifier of any property and must always be used.  A name may be used in addition to the number as it is an additional identifier, but it cannot be regarded as an alternative to the number.  

The owner of a numbered property may give it any name they wish because the name is not necessary in order for mail to be delivered correctly.  

Please do not apply for permission for the addition of a name to a numbered property.

Properties without a number

Apply to name or rename an existing property »

No money will be taken at the application stage, an invoice will be sent to you after your application has been approved.


  • Changing the name of a property: £99.00
  • Changing a street name: £886.00

Any suggestions of names will be checked for suitability/duplication.  We will then inform Royal Mail, the Land Registry, Ordnance Survey, emergency services, utilities and various sections within the Council.  The Local and National Land & Property Gazetteers will also be updated.