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Access Highlight Markings

Also known as 'dog bones'

Access highlight markings  are white 'I' shaped lines, painted onto the road to draw attention to a driveway or access to land/property. 

The lines have no legal standing but are useful in preventing the persistent obstruction of driveways and entrances to properties.

Access highlight markings:

  • can only be installed across the front of properly constructed crossovers (dropped kerbs).  These must be along sections of roads where there are problems with parking.
  • are placed on the road outside the entrance to the driveway or private access point.  This shows the area that should be kept clear of waiting vehicles.
  • will terminate in line with the highest dropped point of the dropped kerb. Markings will not be extended beyond these limits to assist vehicles turning into, or out of, private accesses


  • New Installation: £120
  • Repainting Faded Lines: £50

When you apply

  • if approved the markings will be placed across the access to your property when the lining contractor is next in your area. This could be up to 5 weeks after your application but helps keep the costs down.


Apply for an access protection line »


If you need help or advice before applying please email propertyservices@dover.gov.uk.