My Permits

Our parking permit system enables you to manage your parking permits & tradesperson's waivers online from a computer, tablet or smartphone.

The benefits of the new system

You can now:

  • Purchase, view and renew your permits & tradesperson's waiver
  • Park as soon as your application is approved - no need to wait for a permit
  • Change your vehicle details easily
  • Amend your personal details
  • Purchase visitor permits*  (* Does not apply to tradesperson's waivers)

No paper permits

Your permit will be virtual - we won't send a paper permit but our Civil Enforcement Officers' devices will recognise your number plate.

Two cars on one permit

The virtual permits work the same as the old paper permits, in that you may have two registrations on a permit, but only one car can use the permit at any one time. 

  • You will need to enter your online account (daily, if need be) and make 'active' whichever vehicle needs to be covered by the permit on any particular day.

When you register

When you register to use the system you will be asked to upload your proof documents.  This will only be requested once (unless you change your vehicle or address) so renewing will be easy.

When you renew

When you wish to renew your permit, please do not start a new application, you can simply select the "renew" button.  This also means you do not have to load proof documents again, unless you have changed vehicles.