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How is Housing Benefit paid?

Housing Benefit is usually paid into your bank account and it is your responsibility to pay your rent to your landlord. If your rent is more than your Housing Benefit, you will have to make up the difference.

This means that you will need to open a bank account if you don’t have one already. You can then arrange for your bank or building society to pay your rent to your landlord automatically by direct debit or standing order.

To find out more about opening a bank account you can:

We aren’t able to pay into some accounts, such as individual savings accounts, (ISAs), Post Office card accounts and some savings accounts. If you are unsure about the account you want to use, please contact your bank or building society.

If you want to change the bank account we pay into

If you have not yet provided your bank details, or want your Housing Benefit paid into a different account please complete the Housing Benefit BACS payments form.

Council tenants

If you are a council housing tenant we will pay Housing Benefit direct to your rent account.

Payments to landlords

In some circumstances we must pay your Housing Benefit direct to your landlord unless it would not be in your interest to do so. Details of when we may pay benefit direct to your landlord are in the Local Housing Allowance Safeguard Policy.