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Housing Benefit - moving home

Please try to tell us before you move but if you can’t, tell us as soon after the move as you can.

It is important that you let us know straight away because if we pay you too much Housing Benefit, you will probably have to pay back the amount we have overpaid.

Before you move

Before you move, you can check how much Housing Benefit you could get using the benefits calculator.

If you are moving into a privately rented property, your claim is likely to be worked out using the  Local Housing Allowance rules. You can find the maximum amount of Housing Benefit you could get, using the LHA rate for the number of rooms you need.

When you decide to take on the tenancy you should complete a change of circumstances form and provide  proof of your new address and proof of rent.

Remember that Housing Benefit is paid in arrears, so you may need to arrange a deposit or paying rent in advance until you get your Housing Benefit. You may be able to get a discretionary housing payment to help with rent in advance or rent deposit.

Try to plan your move, and try to arrange it so you are not responsible for paying rent at two properties at the same time. If you can't give enough notice to avoid paying rent at two properties, we may, but not always, be  able to help you with both.

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