Interested Parties

Interested parties are defined in the Licensing Act 2003 as:

  • a person living in the vicinity of the premises
  • a body representing persons who live in that vicinity
  • a person involved in a business in that vicinity
  • a body representing persons involved in such businesses
  • an elected member of the licensing authority (irrespective of vicinity)

The concept of what is and is not within the vicinity of a premises is not defined clearly by the Act.  The Guidance issued by the Department for Culture Media and Sport  states that the interested party must be effected by the activities or behaviour of activities occurring on or immediately outside the premises.

In practice the Licensing Authority will consider such things as ambient noise levels, the closeness of other licensed premises that might reasonably be contributing to the situation and the geography of the surrounding area.  In an urban setting the distance considered to be “in the vicinity” is likely to be significantly more restricted than in an rural setting with little ambient noise and a clear line between the licensed premise and the interested parties.

If a representation is ruled 'out of vicinity' the ruling may be challenged only by judicial review.

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