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Alcohol, Entertainment and Late Night Food

Licensing Act 2003

The Licensing Act 2003 sets a number of activities that must be licensed:

  • Sale of alcohol by retail
  • Supply of alcohol in a members club
  • The provision of regulated entertainment
    (plays, film exhibitions, indoor sporting events, boxing or wrestling, live music,  provision of recorded music and performance of dance or dancing)
  • Late Night Refreshment 
    (the provision of hot food and hot drink to the public between 11pm and 5am on any day)

Temporary Event Notices

For licensable activities in a period not exceeding 168 hours

Premises Licences

For a premises to be used for one or more licensable activity

Personal Licences

To sell or supply alcohol or authorise the sale or supply of alcohol

Club Premises Certificate

A qualifying club can carry out licensable activities

Register of Licences

A searchable list of all of the licences we have issued

Current Applications

Details of the current applications to grant new licences


Alcohol, Entertainment & Late Night Food licence fees


How to complain and the process we follow

Reviews & Appeals

We carry out licence reviews, hearings and appeals

Statement of Licensing Policy

The Full Council adopted the lincensing policy on 27th January 2022

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Contact the Licensing Section

Telephone: 01304 872295 E-mail: licensing@dover.gov.uk