Licensing Committees

Licensing committee & Sub-Committees

The Licensing Committee of Dover District Council consists of 15 Councillors. The Committee has appointed 5 Sub-Committees consisting of 3 Members headed by a Chairman, to conduct hearings.

The Sub-Committees hear applications for licences, to which objections (known as representations in the Act) have been raised, and after licensing officers of the Council have tried to assist in resolving by mediating between the parties.

Only those Members of the Licensing Committee who have received the appropriate training may serve on the Licensing Committee.

Membership of the Licensing Sub-Committees has been determined on a geographical basis to avoid a member hearing an issue relating to their ward.

On occasion members of a Sub-Committee may be substituted by other licensing committee members for various reasons. If this happens participants to the hearing will be notified at the commencement of the hearing.

Contact the Licensing Section

Telephone: 01304 872295