Equal Chance Gaming

In order to provide equal chance gaming all three types of club must comply with the following conditions:

1. Each player must be a person who is:

  • A member of the club or institute who applied for membership , was nominated for membership, or became a member not less than 48 hours before participation
  • a guest of such a member of the club or institute

2. Gaming must satisfy the requirements in relation to limiting the amounts that:

  • may be staked or
  • the amount or value of a prize

3. No amount may be deducted or levied from sums staked or won

4. Any participation fee must not exceed any maximum prescribed,

5. Any game played on one set of premises must not be linked with a game played on another set of premises.

If the equal chance gaming is bingo and, during a seven-day period, the aggregate of stakes or prizes exceeds £2000 a period known as “the high turnover period” starts. If during the following 12 months (starting with the start of the original seven day period) the aggregate of stakes or prizes again exceeds £2000 the exemption is lost and a bingo operators licence is required.

The club or institute must notify the Gambling Commission and failure to do so is an offence


Contact the Licensing Section

Telephone: 01304 872295

Email: licensing@dover.gov.uk