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Family Entertainment Centre

A Family Entertainment Centre is defined as premises (other than an adult gaming centre) wholly or mainly used for making gaming machines available for use.

Family Entertainment Centres fall into two categories:

In order to operate a Licensed Family Entertainment Centre it will be necessary for the operator to obtain a:

This will allow an unlimited number of Category C and D gaming machines to be provided. Category C machines must, however, be located in an "adult only" area.

An unlicensed Family Entertainment Centre does not require a Gaming Machine General Licence or Premises Licence. It does require a Family Entertainment Centre Gaming Machine Permit from the Licensing Authority. Only category D gaming machines may be made available for use in an unlicensed Family Entertainment Centre.

Family Entertainment Centre Gaming Machine Permit (PDF)

There is no minimum age limit applicable to unlicensed Family Entertainment Centres as there are no category C machines made available for use.

A Family Entertainment Centre Permit, unless surrendered, lapsed or forfeited, will normally last for 10 years. Such a Permit cannot be transferred. The new occupier must apply for a further Permit.

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