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Armed Forces Covenant

Working together in the Dover District to support the Armed Forces Community.armed forces covenant logo

Calling all members of the Armed Forces Community, Dover District Council have signed the Armed Forces Covenant, showing our commitment in providing easy access to the services and support you are entitled too.

These pages provide information on the Armed Forces Covenant that we have signed as well as a ‘signpost’ to organisations that can offer help and support.  

What is the Armed Forces Covenant? 

The Armed Forces Covenant is a pledge that together we can acknowledge and understand that those who serve of who have served in the Armed forces, and their families, should be treated with fairness and respect in the communities, economy and society they serve with their lives.

What is the Armed Forces Community Covenant?

The Armed Forces Community Covenant is a voluntary pledge of mutual support between a civilian community and its local armed forces community. It is intended to complement, at a local level, the national Armed Forces Covenant, which outlines the mutual obligations between the Nation, the Government and the Armed Forces. 

The Armed Forces Community involves many different client groups - regular and reservist serving personnel, veterans, service leavers, dependants and carers and its level of presence varies greatly across the country. Here in the Dover District, although official figures are difficult to come by, given the significant size of the military footprint in the area over the years, it is believed that the Armed Forces Community is likely to be large, with many veterans living and working in the area.

Signing of the Armed Forces Covenant

Covenant signing

The Dover District Community Covenant was launched on 04 June 2013. This is a live document that is subject to change.

The Dover District Community Covenant was updated on 15 October 2018.

The aims of the Armed Forces Community Covenant

  •  Encourage local communities to support the Armed Forces Community in their areas, and to raise public understanding and awareness of issues affecting the armed forces community.
  •  Recognise and remember the sacrifices faced by the Armed Forces Community.
  •  Encourage activities which help to integrate the Armed Forces Community into local life.
  •  Encourage the Armed Forces Community to help and support the wider community, whether through participation in events and joint projects, or other forms of engagement.


You can also sign up to show your support by filling out this online form:

We encourage every one to sign up including: 

  1. Local Authorities
  2. Public Service Providers
  3. Town and Parish Council
  4. Local Businesses
  5. Charity or Community Groups
  6. Individual members of the public

Partnership board

The Dover District Civilian Military Partnership Board- set up to champion    the Armed Forces Community Covenant.

Covenant Fund

Find out about applying for funding to support the Armed Forces community through the gov.uk website.

Sign post

Find out about the wide range of services specifically designed for the Armed Forces Community.

Covenant supporters

A list of organisations that have signed up to become an Armed Forces Covenant supporter.

How local people help

How local people already support the Armed Forces community 

What we will do

Dover District Council is committed to working with partners to make sure no serving personal or veteran and their family are disadvantaged as a result of serving in their country. 

Employer recognition scheme

Dover District Councils pledge to demonstrate and advocate support to the defence and Armed Forces Community  and encourage others to do the same.

Need Help?

Support and events for people in the         Armed Forces Community.

Armed Forces Events

All the events being held for the armed forces community.

Can you help?

The Royal British Legion is looking for volunteers to support its work with the local Armed Forces Community, there are many ways you can volunteer with them and you don'tneed to be a member of the armed forces community to volunteer please see the link here for further information.

SSAFA are also looking for volunteers, there is a position available to become an area coordinator/secretary for the Dover, Folkestone and Romney Marsh Division.  This role is to primarily responsible for taking referrals and allocating the task to one of the local caseworkers and maintaining the Divisional records.  Please see the volunteer recruitment leaflet here.

Respect, support and fair treatment

The National Armed Forces Covenant exists to make sure Service people, Veterans and their families are on an equal footing with ordinary citizens when it comes to accessing public and commercial services. It is not about extra-special treatment for all the Forces, although it is about special consideration in some cases (for example, for those injured and the bereaved).

For the Armed Forces community, the Community Covenant encourages the integration of service life into civilian life and encourages members of the Armed Forces community to help their local community.


Email: communitycovenant@dover.gov.uk