We have operated a Closed Circuit Television (CCTV) system since 1994.  Cameras are strategically located across the district in Dover, Deal, Sandwich, Aylesham and Wingham. The camera network is recorded 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. CCTV Office

The system is used to help provide a safer environment for everyone by:

  • Helping to reduce the fear of crime
  • Assisting partner agencies to help those most at risk including missing and vulnerable persons
  • Helping to catch and prosecute those who commit crime or public order offences
  • Providing evidential material for court proceedings
  • Assisting with traffic flow through the town but not to enforce minor traffic laws
  • Assisting in the detection and prevention of crime

CCTV has proved itself in recent years to be a powerful weapon in the continuing fight against crime, particularly when integrated with other crime reduction methods such as retail 'radio-link' systems.

Dover District Council, Kent Police, the Town Councils in Dover, Deal and Sandwich, Aylesham Parish Council, Wingham Parish Council and Dover District Chamber of Commerce are of the view that CCTV diminishes incidents of crime and public disorder where it is either in place or will subsequently be introduced.

Our CCTV Control Room is located within our main offices at Whitfield and is imbedded within the community services department. 

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Telephone: 01304 872220