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Event Planning: Environmental Health

Our Environmental Health team can advise on noise, health and safety, food and welfare at events.

Some or all of the points below may apply to your event:

  • Residents in the immediate area shall be notified in advance by means of a suitable leaflet giving the date and times of the event and a named person (with telephone number) to contact if any complaints arise
  • The named person’s contact details may be passed to the Out of Hours Standby Service prior to the event;
  • All amplified music will finish no later than the times specified by your local authority;
  • Music from other sources, such as food retailers or fairground rides, may not permitted;
  • No fireworks or other pyrotechnics shall be used without prior written consent;
  • All diesel generators must be sited, where possible, away from noise sensitive areas
  • If you are having food traders, you are advised to contact the Public Protection Team, email publicprotection@dover.gov.uk for their advice, submitting information as outlined in the following sections.  For large events, separate, suitable and sufficient provision for toilet facilities for food handlers should be provided.  Guidance can be found in the HSE ‘Purple Guide’.
  • When using food traders at your event, the event organiser must submit specific information to the local authority for review. See Food Hygiene and Safety section.
  • General, structural and legal advice regarding food businesses is available at food.gov.uk