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Event Planning: Sanitary Facilities

You must ensure that adequate sanitary provision is made for the proposed capacity of the event, in accordance with the recommended guidelines as per the Purple Guidance to Health, Safety & Welfare at Music and Other Events.

See below guide for the provision of toilet facilities as outlined in the guidance document.

However, please consult with the Events Safety Advisory Group (ESAG) for further clarification on sanitary facility provision at your event.

Toilet arrangements at events
EventFemale ToiletsMale Toilets
For events with a gate time of less than 6 hours duration opening 1 per 100 1 per 500
Plus 1 urinal per 150
For events with a gate opening time of 6 hours or more but with little or no alcohol or food served 1 per 85 1 per 425
Plus 1 urinal per 125
For events with a gate opening time of 6 hours or more with alcohol and food served in quantity 1 per 75 1 per 400
Plus 1 urinal per 100
For campsites at major events, swapping the emphasis from urinal to WC’s for males. 1 per 75 1 per 150
Plus 1 urinal per 250



  • Disabled toilet provision
  • How will you manage maintenance of facilities?
  • Where will they be located?
  • What types of facilities are required?
  • Washing facilities
  • Provision for people with special needs
  • Disposal of sanitary towels and nappies
  • Sewage Disposal
  • Lighting
  • Waste management