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Event Planning: Waste and Recycling

As the event organiser it is important to consider the removal of any waste generated by your event. Both concessions and audiences generate large quantities of waste material during an event. You should carefully consider how the waste would be managed to minimise the risks associated with accumulation, collection and final disposal.

Trade stalls

If you are thinking of having trade stalls at your event that are selling items, then the trader of that stall will be responsible for removal of their own waste.

Charity / Community events on Council or Public land

If you are having an event and not charging an admission fee then we may be able to assist by providing litter pickers and waste bags for the collection of litter generated during the event.  Please contact us on 01304 872428 for further advice.  If an admission fee is being charged for your event (or a donation being requested) then the District Council may not be able to assist.

Events on private land:  It is for you, the event organiser to arrange the removal of all litter and waste generated from such events, the District Council is unable to assist in these instances.

For the incidences listed above where DDC cannot assist with waste disposal please contact the Environmental Crime team for further information on legal methods of waste disposal.

The following points should be considered

  • What types of waste will be produced?
  • Is there the potential for fire risk?
  • What other hazards are posed by waste?
  • Which areas of the event are likely to generate waste?
  • What information needs to be exchanged with the waste contractor?
  • When and how will the waste be collected?
  • When and how will the waste be removed?
  • The Health safety and welfare of employees and event workers
  • What can be recycled?