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Environmental Crime


Environmental Crime

The Environmental Crime Team is committed to improving the appearance of the Dover District.  
The team regularly carries out investigations, enforcement action and prosecutions together with educational and awareness raising campaigns to positively change the publics behaviour in the below areas:

Report Environmental Crime

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Campaigns and Community Events                                           

Environmental Crime Statistics

Please use the link below to access data relating to fly tips and fixed penalty notices


EnviroCrime Penalty Notices


In response to the rising number of Littering, Dog Fouling and Fly Tipping offences we have a team of officers who are authorised to issue Penalty Notices should they witness offences take place.

To pay a EnviroCrime penalty notice please visit our EnviroCrime Penalty Notice Page 

For further information regarding fixed penalty notices please visit our Fixed Penalty Notice Page


Enforcement Officers


Our Environmental Enforcement Officers are equipped with electronic handheld devices. These are used to input and check information before an EnviroCrime Penalty Notice is served.

Please click on the elements of the Enforcement Officers uniform below to find our more information.

  • Authorisation Card
  • Body Camera
  • ID Card
  • Tablet
Front-facing image of Enforcement Officer uniform. A navy blue jacket featuring the Dover District Council logo on the front, and black cargo trousers. Uniform includes identification card lanyard and body camera.Rear-facing image of Enforcement Officer uniform. Back of navy blue jacket features the words 'ENVIRONMENTAL ENFORCEMENT OFFICER'.

Contact: envcrime@dover.gov.uk