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Get Involved in Your Neighbourhood

We work hard to make sure we listen to residents but there are many other organisations that represent the specific concerns of local neighbourhoods. These organisations allow individuals to come together to pursue their shared interest in ensuring their neighbourhoods are good places to live. A good place to start to find out details of local groups is your town or parish council, local library, or umbrella organisation such as CASE Kent, Volunteer Centre or Citizens Advice Bureau. 

Know Your Community Rights

The Community Rights are a set of powers that give you a greater say over how your community develops. They can help you to save local shops, pubs, libraries, parks and football grounds. You can decide what is built and how the area should develop. Groups of people have the chance to support local services and develop them into community enterprises.

There are four Community Rights:

Just Act

The Just Act website provides practical advice for anyone wanting to make a difference and improve their community. 

Improving Your Environment

Report it

We understand that not everyone is able to commit to volunteering but you can still play a part in the life of the district. Just taking the time to report a problem can help to keep the Dover district a safe and welcoming place.

If you see fly tipping, an abandoned car or anti-social behaviour help us by reporting it. You can report these and many other issues including missed bins, noise, potholes, litter, dog fouling and broken street lights using the forms and links on our website, via e-mail or by phone.

Nominate a Community Payback project

This unpaid work is carried out by offenders to pay back the community for their crimes. Projects can range from litter removal, clearing dense undergrowth, environmental projects, painting and redecorating community centres or removing graffiti. 

Improve your social housing

Improve where you live by making sure your landlord provides the services, support and advice you need. This is all part of the Government’s Tenant Empowerment Programme.

Find out how to get involved with Dover Housing.

Preserving Your Heritage

The Dover district is full of historic landmarks and areas of outstanding beauty. The Council works hard to preserve and improve these public spaces but you can play a significant role in helping to maintain the district’s unique character.

Parks for People Project: Kearsney Abbey and Russell Gardens

We are planning to restore these two historic parks to create a unique heritage, community and event venue. We have been awarded £3.3 million from the Heritage Lottery Fund and Big Lottery Fund’s ‘Parks for People’ programme to bring our project to life - find out how you can get involved with this exciting Kearsney Parks project.  

Enjoy White Cliffs Country

Make the most of your area and what it has to offer - whether you want pubs, restaurants, shops, places to visit, leisure activities or parks and open spaces. Visit our White Cliffs Country website to find out more.


A range of events take place in the district throughout the year. View a list of events on the White Cliffs Country website. 

Get together with friends, family and neighbours to set up a community event. It could be a street party, fete, fun run or litter pick. Need help planning and organising an event - our Events Officer is here to help! The government has also put together a guide on how you can organise a street party.  

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