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Council Tax change of circumstances

Council Tax updates by email

You must tell us in writing straight away about changes in your circumstances. If you don't, you may pay the wrong amount of Council Tax.

Examples of changes that may affect your Council Tax are:

  • if you move home
  • if you change your name
  • if you get single person discount and another adult moves in
  • if you are a single parent in receipt of single person discount and one of your children reaches 18 years old
  • if you get a discount for someone living with you and the person moves out, or the reason for the discount no longer exists, such as a student completing their course
  • if you are getting disability relief and the disabled person no longer lives with you
  • if your property is exempt and the reason for the exemption no longer exists
  • if your property is empty and the property becomes occupied
  • if you are getting Council Tax Support and your income or capital increases or decreases

This is not a full list. If you're not sure if a change may affect your Council Tax tell us anyway.

In some cases, if you don't tell us about a change, we can take legal action against you.

When you tell us about a change in your circumstances we will look at your account and, if needed, work out your Council Tax charge again. If there is a new charge we will send you a new Council Tax bill.


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