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Climate Change

We are all having an impact on the environment, and it is a collective responsibility to tackle climate change. We all need to take positive action, and we need to do it now.

What is climate change?

Everyone has a carbon footprint.This is the amount of greenhouse gases like carbon dioxide released into the atmosphere by people's actions.

Why is it happening?

The greenhouse effect is a naturally  occurring phenomenon that's intensified by human activity.

What is the Council doing about climate change?

Dover District Council is taking positive steps to help combat climate change.

Small changes to how we travel

By changing our habits, and adapting the way and amount we travel, we can help the environment.

Greenhouse gas emissions

Local Authorities report greenhouse gas emissions to align with the Greenhouse Gas Protocol.

Air Quality Monitoring

Dover District Council is part of the Kent Air Quality Partnership, which works towards improving the quality of Kent's air.

Businesses and Climate Change

Support for businesses tackling and adapting to climate change.


Ordinary people acting together in formal or informal groups can achieve great things. Groups of all sizes and communities are taking meaningful action to help reduce global emissions.

 Useful Links

Links to other organisations providing advice and information on climate change.