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Climate Change

climate-changeWhat is it?

  • Weather is what is happening outside your window
  • Climate is the average weather experienced over a long period of time

The climate is not static; over the millions of years of earth’s existence, it has changed many times in response to natural causes.

Nowadays, however, the term climate change is generally used when referring to changes in our climate which have been identified since the early part of the twentieth century. During this time, the average temperature of the atmosphere near the earth’s surface has risen by 0.74oC and the UK’s sea level has risen by about 10 centimetres.

Most scientists agree that global temperatures will rise further. If the temperatures continue to rise, changes are likely to be so extreme that it will be difficult to cope with them.

Scientists are in no doubt that human activity is the main cause of the changes observed in the last 100 years, rather than due to natural changes in the atmosphere.

Greenhouse Gas Report

The Department for Energy and Climate Change (DECC) has requested that, as from July 2011, Local Authorities report greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions in such a way as to align with the GHG Protocol - the internationally recognised standard for corporate accounting and reporting of GHG emissions.

Dover District Council is a signatory to Climate Local Kent, and Kent Environment Strategy which set out aims/ ambitions/ targets for a sustainable future in support of National targets.   DDC actively works with partners across the County through membership of the Climate Change Network, Kent and Medway Sustainable Energy Partnership and Kent Energy Efficiency Partnership to achieve the aims/ambitions/ targets outlined in these documents


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