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What is the Council doing about climate change?

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Dover District Council (DDC) has acknowledged the serious impact of climate change globally and agrees there is a need for urgent action.

Alongside other councils in Kent and the UK, we have declared a Climate Change Emergency.  

A cross party Climate Change Member Working Group has been established, and has overseen the development of a Climate Change Strategy.  The purpose of the Strategy is to explain how the Council intends to step up to meet the challenge. An initial Action Plan has been developed with the aim of refocusing the Council’s activity, operations and spheres of influence to reduce emissions, increase sustainability and benefit the wider environment.  The Action Plan is a living document and will continuously evolve to reflect ongoing action/ opportunities.

DDC has already confirmed support for the Kent and Medway Energy and Low Emissions StrategyKent Environment Strategy and Kent Fuel Poverty Strategy, and signed the Emissions Reduction Pledge 2020

DDC is involved in a range of initiatives including:


  •  The Kearsney Parks owned and managed by DDC  have maintained  The Green Flag Award®.This award was one of the aims of the ‘Parks for People’ project and the 3-year project  included key elements like Enhancing wildlife habitats, such as opening up culverts to improve fish migration and spawning in Kearsney Abbey, re-planting the orchard in Russell Gardens, and also  providing facilities for people to learn about parkland heritage and biodiversity.  See  press release for more information.
  • A local bowls club is helping to light the way to a greener future after receiving a Green Energy Grant from DDC.                      Aylesham and Snowdown Welfare Bowls Club club received a grant for £858 to replace fluorescent fittings with LED lights at the club. 
  • Click2cycle is now available in the Dover area, thanks to a £100,000 grant from the Kent County Council Highway Innovation Fund.Bikes can be rented 24 hours a day, seven days a week, from cycle hubs at Dover Castle coach park, Marina Curve and Market Square.The pay-as-you-go system costs £5 for first hour costs and each additional period of up to 30 minutes costs £1.50. The bikes can be unlocked from one cycle hub and returned to any of the others, including hubs in Folkestone.

  • A £10,000 green energy grant has been awarded to Solley’s Kentish Ice Cream in Deal.  The funding contributed towards the cost of solar panels that will help reduce the Company’s carbon footprint and control future energy costs.  The business now has enough power to run all of its freezers from the sun producing Kent’s first solar powered ice cream.

  • Bomford Place named residential project regional winner (South East) by Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors (RICS).  The affordable housing project is designed and built to a high standard using high performing materials. Most of the properties have double-aspect windows to make the most of natural light, along with high levels of insulation and natural ventilation to minimise the energy needed for heating and lighting. Residents also have access to nearby electric vehicle charging points and secure cycle racks. 
  • Supporting Dover District Leisure Centre’s travel plan, which includes the promotion of a monthly free bus pass in 2022, to Dover District residents using the centre. The plan aims to promote sustainable travel, with an emphasis on reducing reliance on single occupancy car journeys.

  • In support of the Great British Spring clean DDC launched a new Environmental Awards Scheme to recognise our district’s unsung heroes who work hard to improve the appearance of the Dover District and help to maintain our environment.

    Individuals, schools, and groups are recognised for activities that help to make our district a clean and greener place to live such as organising litter picks, reducing the amount of paper and plastic that they use, recycling, upcycling, and reusing items such as furniture and clothes.

    For local businesses, the judges are looking for those who have introduced initiatives to become more sustainable to help the planet. This could be anything from conserving water, using greener products, encouraging greener ways of travelling to work, planting shrubs or trees and recycling more to using alternative energy sources for power.


  • The construction of Dover Fastrack, Kent’s first zero-emissions bus route is underway.  As the project’s strong focus is on carbon reduction, more than 10,000 new trees, shrubs, and hedgerows will be planted to provide enhanced wildlife habitat in the area. 

  • The LED streetlighting project has now been completed. Around 2750 streetlight units have been been replaced with energy saving LED's within the district, helping light the way for a brighter, safer, and more environmentally friendly future. See press release for more information.
  • Dover District Council (DDC) is to plant over 100 new trees across the district as part of National Tree Week, the UK’s largest annual tree celebration.The trees have been provided through a carbon off-setting scheme with Eco Green Communities. They offset the manufacture of 25 eco dog waste bins installed across the district by DDC. See press release for more information.

  • Key works costing at least £125,000 to help boost sea defences and continue to protect the area for the future, have been given the go ahead for St Margaret’s Bay. See press release for more information.
  • As part of its commitment to cut carbon emissions and protect the environment, DDC has given a grant of almost £10,000 towards new solar panels at a local farm shop and café near Deal. The mini solar farm was installed earlier this year and is now generating clean renewable energy, helping to provide power for Algar Lodge Farm Shop.

    The award comes from DDC’s successful Green Energy Grant scheme, which is available for local businesses to secure match-funding toward energy saving projects.
  •  49 electric vehicle charging bays are being installed across the district  at 18 locations in Dover, Deal and Sandwich, including both DDC-owned public car parks and on-street with funding from the Office for Zero Emission Vehicles (OZEV).
  • In a further move to incentivise the switch to electric and hybrid vehicles, DDC is to suspend pay-and-display parking charges when motorists are charging their vehicles in one of its electric vehicle (EV) charging bays.  This is being introduced for a trial period of one year meaning that motorists will only have to pay the power supply charges. 
  •  Working in partnership with Kent County Council DDC offered a group buying Solar PV scheme, Solar Together Kent. This group-buying scheme brought households together to get high-quality solar panels at a competitive price, to help deliver the district's and Kent's vision of carbon net-zero. This scheme is now closed for the second round, but you can still register your interest at www.solartogether.co.uk/dover/home. and you will recieve an invitation when a future scheme opens.
  •  Dover District Leisure Centre is the most energy efficient in Kent. We planted 132 new trees at the Leisure Centre in November 2019. 

  •  The White Cliffs Countryside Partnership conserve and enhance the special coast and countryside in the District managing sites rich in wildlife, vegetated shingle, chalk grassland, wetlands, broadleaved woodlands of national importance, the internationally important area of sand dunes at Sandwich Bay and ancient woodlands that have been designated Sites of Special Scientific Interest for wildlife.  The Partnership also offers a range of opportunities for volunteers.
  • DDC recycling services which already meet the Government’s draft objective for 2023, for the range of materials collected.
  • DDC has been monitoring air quality levels

  • Emissions from the Council's estate is reported on annually (Greenhouse Gas Emissions) and emission levels have been dropping steadily year on year since 2009/10.

  • Solar PV, battery storage and a monitoring pilot project in Dover to better understand the benefits of these technologies to families.

  • Insulation/heating grants for fuel poor/vulnerable households - helping residents achieve affordable warmth whilst at the same time reducing the household's carbon footprint.
  • Generating Solutions for a Greener Future - as part of ongoing work to protect the environment and generate housing solutions for the future, Dover District Council is set to invest in key changes, including cutting edge solar panel systems, at DDC housing developments at Kimberley Close and Stockdale Gardens.

    DDC Cabinet has agreed (in July 2021) to additional expenditure of £160K, which will allow electric heating to be installed in all 24 flats, avoiding the use of gas fired boilers, and will provide enhanced photovoltaic (PV) installations to all the buildings. Additional insulation is also being installed to further improve the thermal efficiency of the buildings, all of which will help reduce the energy required to heat the units. For more information, please see our Press Release.



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